My brother, you are perhaps the first commentator that has objectively addressed the issue of Ribadu. I wonder why even a lot of my colleagues fight as if Ribadu is so indispensable. What if he dies? Would we be protesting to God? Or calling His authority to order?

One interesting diversion here that the spin-doctors have done is to give impression that Ribadu was removed for the sake of governors, what of Iyabo Obasanjo? Is her scandalous yahoo-yahoo that EFCC must have leaked to the press not enough for OBJ himself to move for his removal? Was the Transcorp’s shares of OBJ that he sold not enough to incur the wrath of the mean OBJ we all know? If that is not the case, let us ask whether Ridadu, whose anticorruption war is often fought on the pages of newspapers, why the double standard? Yes people say he may not be able to deal with OBJ’s aides because he appointed him, if Ribadu is really a man of honour, why did he not resign? That is what men of honours do. 

Lets be sincere, Ribadu’s war has not changed anything about our image as a nation. Check the reports from the international press on the EFCC wars, it is often presented as a war against the opponent of OBJ. That has not removed the fact that all the nations in the world still treat us with disdains at their point of entries. Has Ribadu’s war deprived people from desperately striving to get to public offices to steal? What he has only achieved is that “when you steal, do not belong to the opponent of the government of the day, so that you can spend your loot like Bode George, Tony Aneneh, Andy Uba and host of OBJ’s clonies that stole filthily more than the governors we are shouting about.

Are we not aware that Nigeria has never been blessed like in the last 8 years in terms of incomes, yet the nation has been worst of in these periods than ever? What happens to probing the FG for these wicked loots? Let the spin-doctors continue to give impression that Ribadu was fighting a war of national interest, posterity would judge us all. For the international community, i think they should shut up. The case is that of a neighbour that claims to be helping a father remove stealing from the faces of his kids, yet when these kids steal, the neighbour serves as receivers of stolen goods. What a deceit! Ribadu or not, Nigeria would move forward when we get a Nigerian like Tunde/Idiagbon that can sanitize the country without favour, no matter whose horse is gored. This Ribadu failed because these monies are still being stolen by people in the good books of the government of the day, but he made so much noise on people that are on the other side of the divide. Am not in anyway supporting these loots, what I am saying is that it has to be total without fear or favour. If we say that is not possible, then we are not ready to stop looting, when some animal or more equal than others. I think my constituency in the media lost sight of this, rather some are already using their platform to launder the image of Iyabo Obasanjo, when all facts are there that she did 419, yet they say they are fighting for Ribadu because the are fighting corruption. What a shame! What a nation!

By Tunmise Adekunle of THISDAY newspapers (This writer contributed this piece on Thursday January 10, 2008 and died a day after Friday January 11, 2008. Please read tribute here)


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