A spokesperson is respected by the media likewise the public that are major stakeholders. All over the world spokespersons whether for individuals, organisations or nations, are visible in dousing confusion and giving reassurance towards managing crises. For sometimes now, Olusegun Adeniyi, the spokesperson to the ailing President Umaru Musa YarÁdua has disappeared from the public horizon which makes one to wonder if he is also in another hospital for medical attention.
Alas! The man reappeared in a photopage of some national newspapers partying in midst of powerful people in Presidential Villa, Abuja.
Most of my colleagues in the media claim that Segun Adeniyi is becoming very elusive and refuse to respond to enquiries or even their courtesies.
What can influence a popular writer, a public commentator and a Presidential spokesperson to deliberately force himself out of circulation at a period that Nigerians and international community are eager to get official and credible statements from the official spokesperson of the person of the President.
There are distinct roles between the Minister of Information as spokesperson of the government from that Media Assistant to the President as Spokesperson of the person of Mr. President.
I believe Mr. Adeniyi needs to come from his hidden shell and to sincerely inform Nigerians and answer the following ten questions which fall under his ambit:
Ø How is the Health condition of the President now?
Ø Is President still in the hospital or in rest room?
Ø Is it true that he signed the Supplementary Budget by himself?
Ø Have you as his spokesperson been able to see him or speak with him?
Ø How soon will the president return to Nigeria?
Ø What is the President’s impression so far about Nigerians concerns on his ill-health?’
Ø What is the President view on Nigeria generally, especially on the undie- Nigerian suicide bomber?
Ø By the way as a spokesperson, are you comfortable with you roles in government from your journalistic practice as an editor of one of the major newspaper in the country few years ago?
Ø Are you being allowed to perform your job to your satisfaction as a spokesperson?
Ø If you are given a chance to make a choice: Will you like working in government or in private sector either ways as communicator or journalist?
Labaran Saleh
Media Practitioner

[email protected]


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