New scheme for youngsters to join PR Ezine Editorial team:
We will be releasing our 49th edition of ezine on ‘Employee retention’ before the end of this month.  Our April 2010 issue will be the Golden Jubilee Edition (50th edition).  We are thankful to all the members and readers, who have been giving us the guidance and support all along.
On one side, many eminent personalities of national and global stature have exclusively guest edited or contributed our ezine  and added value.  On the other  side, we have also been encouraging young professionals and students to contribute and guest edit the ezine.  Also, recently, we also included such young talents in our editorial team for three months  and gave them opportunity of learning the insights of this powerful media tool.  
Rekha, Megha and Swetha guest edited this ezine in later part of 2009 and  also continued in our editorial team.  We place on record their wonderful contribution to the ezine and commitment to the profession.
Earlier, we were inviting youngsters to be the Guest Editors and then continued them in the editorial team for three months.  Based on the experience we have gained, to give better learning opportunity to young professionals and students, we are revising our scheme from the Golden Jubilee issue as follows:
New scheme for youngsters to join Editorial team:
Young communication and management  professionals and students, if interested, can join the editorial team from the May 2010 issue and participate in the making of ezine, based on the theme of respective months.  They will be part of the team for two months (max 3 months).  We will be inducting only 3 such young editors in the team at any given time.  Based on their contribution and commitment, they will also be given opportunity to Guest Edit the ezine at a later month, on a theme of their choice.  The opportunity will be given by rotation, based on the request received from the professionals and students from time to time.
Who can request? 
Young professionals and students, who are passionate about communication skills, may send their request to me personally at editor at along with your details.  
This offer is open for all professionals and students (less than age 35) across the globe.  They can apply from any country.


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