There is a serious PR dilemma for a spokesperson to four wives of a governor in Norst Eastern state in Nigeria as the Guardian newspaper reported. The story goes:

“AS Adamawa State governor Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd) battles at the Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Yola to save his office, he might have to contend with another at home as four of his wives are fighting one another to occupy the office of the governor’s wife.He has been in office for over 100 days but the office of the first lady is still vacant, as each of the four wives are claming to be the legal occupant of the controversial office.

“Hajia Zainab Nyako, Dr. Halima Nyako, Justice Binta Nyako and Hajiya Asmua Nana Nyako are all using the letter headed paper of the Adamawa State office of the First Lady and their official cars carried the plate number ADGMH 1.

“It appears that the foursome will be performing the role jointly as indicated last month when a chief press secretary was appointed. An appointment letter for the chief press secretary to the office of the first lady signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. John Manassah, stated: “I am directed to inform you that you have being appointed as the chief press secretary to the wives of the governor.”

“According to an aide, the governor directed that Justice Binta Nyako should be first lady in-charge of Abuja Affairs; Dr. Halina Nyako should be the first lady supervising the health sector while Hajia Zainab Nyako should be the first lady in-charge of Political Affairs and Mobilisation. Asamau Nana Nyako should be the first lady in-charge of the home front.”

PRNigeria members debated the above, thus:

The Spokesperson or PRman has nothing to do here than to pray that the 1st man of the state who is their husband and the governor to resolve their differences. I am just disturbed that almost all the4wives are well-educated with good jobs…why the fuss about the 1stlady’s office? Can’t they establish an NGO in their individual names like Yuguda’s wives of Bauchi? What is the big deal about first ladies when some of them cannot express themselves adequately in public even in small gathering than wearing expensive attires and doing shakara to the rest of us; ladies whose men are not first in states or offices. My only advice for the the PRman is to be very careful in meddling into the domestic affairs or he becomes the first victim to be divorced.


Since Public Relations is about establishing mutual relationship, the Chief Press Secretary should be courageous enough to counsel them on their responsibility. The only problem the Press secretary would have is how he will divide himself amongst the four wives. I believe he needs to recruit more officers to help him or use the service of consultants. Won’t that be waste of state’s funds? But if I am in his shoe, I won’t take the responsibility because the stress from four women wahala is enough to give one cardiac attack.


This is interesting. I think d gov should be man enough to put his house in order. The man should be assertive and take a decision on who is going to be d first lady among his wives. If a gov cannot settle his home, I wonder how he is going to administer the state effectively. Afterall, he is not d first to have more than one wives.


This matter, to me, is not funny. Critical answers are needed to the following:

Is it appropriate to have a chief press secretary for the Governor’s wives?

Why would a Public Relations Professional accept such a position?

Have we started carving on rotten wood?

‘Haba”, even if some choose to be errand boys and girls which I know is not professionally right, must we allow our selves to sink to the level of a doctor administering drugs to a dead patient instead of doing autopsy?

MY TAKE ON THIS: Subject was trained as a military man and that informs his style of administration which has seen to the creation of an “Executive board of first ladies without a chairman”.

A chairman is needed to make the job of a chief press secretary meaningful. Please I am searching for the meaning of “manners”.



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