As we look back across the heyday of decadence in Anambra State, when renegades had their ways because of the actions of an acquiescent President, and frankly seek to assess the roles of individuals, we may stumble into names like Mr. Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe. Even from America where he was based, he carried his own odious bricks to the edifice of shame being built, now shattered, in Anambra State of that decadent time. I call it decadent time because that time was characterized by intimidation, rigging, unconstitutional impeachment, disenfranchisement of an entire State. The anti-climax of those days of shame and for these peddlers of the shameful was on the 14th of June, 2007, when the Supreme Court spoke in a powerful judgement echoing the words used to convey the powers of Rome when it ruled the world: Roma Locuta est, causa finita est. (Rome – the Supreme Court – has spoken, the cause is finished.)

Talking about those that contributed bricks to the building of the edifice of shame, I have every reason to name Mr. Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe. I am constrained to remember him once again after the interviews he granted to some national newspapers recently. In those interviews, it was Ikenna in his elements, not in a sense of the good, but in a sense of doing what he knows how to do best – mischief.

In the interviews under reference, he said Governor Obi had neglected the menace of erosion, that the Umuchina community was responsible for the N1 billion given to the Government for erosion control. Even when he said Obi did nothing in Onitsha, the correspondent was surprised because from the manner he asked him questions, it was even clear to the correspondent that Ikenna was a mercenary. My only grouse is some correspondents taking the trouble to interview those that ought to be ignored and inflict their gibberish on the people. Must we take people seriously in this country on the strength of their nuisance value?

I am at home writing about Ezenekwe, because I have met him one-on-one. He has been to my office and that of the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Mike Udah repeatedly, in search of contracts. In fact, he moves around with his CV and shares it like a jolly man sharing tom tom to children. Like all dubious characters scrambling for contracts, Ikenna came under the garb of a person with the interest of the State at heart. As you discuss with him, you will be surprised he has about five other contract proposals in his handbag. Off course Obi’s response to such a character is simple: “My office does not give contracts, go to relevant Ministries and bid.” We echo the same word to those who come for contracts and may want to get to His Excellency through us.

It was after the above encounter that I now heard the full story about Ikenna that today his name is spoken with bated breath among our people in the USA. Together with Sharareporters, Ikenna did investigative article on a Nigerian politician. When the investigators were offered money they refused, but Ikenna collected and abandoned the project.

During last April elections, Ikenna was among those delegated by ASA USA to monitor the elections. However, he abandoned his group and started working for the People’s Democratic Party. As I write, ASA USA is still demanding the refund of the money they gave to him. His name has been mooted as a specimen for the proposed Hall of Shame.

Ikenna set up Nanka.Org, a website through which he terrorized people by spreading falsehoods. Evil does not last, Nanka.Org did not last as he changed to Ukpakareports abruptly. Upon inquiry, we discovered that the people of Nanka protested against the use of the name of the town on the reason that rather than make it popular, he was bringing it into disrepute such that at a time it became the butt of dinner jollity. The people of Nanka said that it made all Nankarians look suspicious precisely because it was devoted to blackmail and media terrorism. Ukpakareports did not last, for when people knew that Ikenna was behind it, nobody visited the site. From Ukpakareports to Ogenereports, which survived for only two weeks and died for the simple reason that Ikenna was behind it.

Ezenekwe is a typical contractor of the renegade family who thinks that by Ikpa aghara through the pen, he will be recognized and appeased like some thirsty gods. His mind and actions summarize the feigned skeptical disillusionment of the times. Those that feign this disillusionment are those who desire the treasury and want to Kpa aghara because the treasury is securely locked by Peter Obi.

After 17 days retreat as we call it, from May 29th to June 14th, 2007 we came back to government house amidst so many tales. We shall tell them as occasions demand. One of those tales was that Ikenna Ezenekwe was always in Government House for those 17 dark days. Surely, not seeking solutions to erosion problems, but to settle and enjoy the fruits of his labour, for he was among those that laboured to see that elections did not take place in the State.

In his interview, which is part of Ikpa aghara to be noticed, he said, among others, that Obi had failed in Onitsha, that enough attention had not been paid to ecological problems. Evan at that, he administered praises in small doses, for he praised Obi for dredging the Nwagene. He agreed that Obi is building roads and developing other sectors, but that it is lopsided. But who does not know that under Obi development is now spread among the senatorial districts , local governments and towns as the case may be.

Ezenekwe is “crying” over Nnaka erosion, but that erosion is older than he and the Governor, but he speaks as if the Governor was the cause or as if other past Governors did more than he is doing, even when the ecological funds under them was mismanaged. Fairness is fairness. Even the close to N1 billion the governor got from the Federal Government, Ezenekwe, whom Iam sure does not know the exact figure said it was the villagers that attracted it and that only 300Million was used in Umuchina as if he was the one that paid out the money.

Our people are more enlightened to recognize the antics of people like Ezenekwe when they see one. Just to be close to power, he is ready to do anything. He lost his teaching job in the USA because he overstayed his leave thinking the debacle called April elections would last for four years. Today, Ezenekwe is stranded in the country.

Today, he thinks the best way to rehabilitate himself is by Ikpa aghara and be recognized. But coming from an indecent past, has he sat down to reflect on the violence he has inflicted on himself even when he has not reached the June of his life? With the abandonment of a noble task through the seeking of contracts to the notoriety of his websites, I think only the rabble will take him seriously, because he can afford to always exploit their gullibility.

Today in Anambra State, Obi is developing all sectors – roads, education, health, commerce and industry, sports, agriculture when his predecessors did nothing of such. The man who comes closest to him developed only roads and somebody has the conviction to talk pure, unadulterated nonsense. We are not complaining because such nonsense tells us clearly that in this task one must also struggle against an inundation of barbarism. What is important is that with Obi, we cannot talk of enemies vanquished, liaisons engaged in, pleasure trips undertaken, but the triumph of leadership that is focused and determined to leave its mark in spite of the machinations of treasury seekers.

Valentine Obienyem,
Special assistant to Governor of Anambra State


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