Integrated marketing communication agency, Media Supermart, MSM, has formed a strategic relationship with an America-based non-governmental organisation, Population Media Centre, on entertainment education programming.


The relationship was formed to evolve a viable means of communication tied to educating women on reproductive health issues, and the two partners have advised business owners to use the platform to reach out to their target market to improve bottom lines.


The disclosure was made at a roundtable discussion held to unveil new plans of the organisation in Lagos recently. Population Media Center is a nonprofit organisation that helps create serialised dramas on radio and television where characters evolve into role model; thereby resulting in positive behavioral change.


In his welcome address, the Chief Operating Officer of the agency, Mr. Nosakhare Uwadaie, said the existing relationship between both organisations was informed by the need to collaborate in a way that would assist each of the partners in achieving its lofty goals.


Nosakhare noted further that the relationship was buoyed out of the desire to help in finding point of interest between corporate bodies and the NGO.


He said, “I think this platform is a good bargaining point and a vehicle that ought to be exploited by any serious organisation concerned about improving on their bottom line. The belief of placing product or advertising in this kind of program by brand owners is absolutely real.


“Moreso, it is an opportunity or avenue where the competition of the social and private enterprise finds a convergence. More people tend to be interested in the product because they recognised them on the basis of the fact that their activities are tied to a movement. I think this is also essential to drive brand activation and decision making by consumers”, he said.


Also speaking, the President of the Centre, Mr. Williams Ryerson, said the relationship between both parties came as a result of the need to avail corporate enterprise, a platform in achieving their goals.


Speaking on the feedback from the programme when it was kick started in Nigeria, Ryan said that the feedback has been immensely wonderful.


“Our records show that 70 per cent of the women in the north who listen to our program have responded in great measure to messages on health based related issues. We expect significance audience as we go along or move nationwide” he stated.


He recalled that the programme, which kick started in the Northern part of the country, yielded positive result with a good number of listeners tending to behavioural change.


According to a report made available to journalists, the research methodologies have been adopted and broadcast in 27 countries worldwide.


Culled JigsawDBS Launches Gotcha Mobile Advertising Truck

03 Jun 2013

Zacheaus Somorin


JigsawDBS Limited, a promotional communications company, has launched the first Mobile Media Service tagged Gotcha.


It is a mobile advertising truck which is expected to advertise products as demanded by advertising clients. According to JigsawDBS Managing Director, Mrs. Nsima Ogedi-Alakwe, the mobile device is expected to be a game changer in the outdoor advertising in Nigeria.


She stated that the mobile service is an innovative advertising platform that would cut across marketing service, Financial Service Institutions, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, schools, high net worth individuals and governments in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa.


While explaining the experience of the company in marketing communication, Ogedi-Alakwe said the promoters of JigsawDBS Limited have garnered several years of diverse experience from working with various multinational companies thus building great brands that constantly exceeds consumer expectations.


She said Gotcha came on board in the midst of dynamic world of gadgets, fragmented media, contradicting ratings, tightening advertising budgets, saying that out-of-home advertising is the only medium that will stand the test of time since it can neither be turned on nor tossed away.


The Gotcha mobile advertising trucks, made of Mercedes Benz Blue Tec Engine, have different features which include premium quality extruded aluminium that has been anodised to withstand corrosion, tri-panel, with capacity to take three different messages each on the side – making available to clients a total of 12 message options.


Gotcha mobile advertising truck’s panel came with slats, making the materials re-usable and can be changed at a very short notice which is a cost advantage for brands tool. The mobile trucks run on patented drive system. In the rare event of power failure, the panel stops with a message facing the viewers.


While the truck is fully equipped with all modern safety features, it is also fully equipped with inverters with three batteries each guaranteed for 15 years thus enabling the trucks to run for about 2 hours with the engine switched off.  While the trucks are on the move, advertisers can track where it is at any point in time and anywhere through its tracking enabled devices.




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