In the new age of ICT where cyber solution is the most viable option to take, invariably, in virtually every facet of the economy, it is interesting to note that in the media parlance: news gathering, journals update, news and news materials reviews, and a host of other media activities have been made less burdensome through the emergence and use of cyber knowledgeability to render cybersolution to all challenges that have to do with internet matters. Moreover, to avoid compromising the integrity of media responsibility and responsiveness to information dissemination with a view to ensuring safety and defence where necessary from hackers, viruses, environmental threats and or disasters, a new cyber-informed NGO has taken it upon itself to provide the necessary panacea needed as part of its effort and drive towards nation building in cyber and internet oriented affairs.

However, considering the regularity of the incidence of cyber crimes, particularly on the issue of the popular yahoo yahoo activities, equally refer to as 419 at other quarters which have become very rampart, a non governmental organisation with a new concept on how to tackle cyber crime has just emerged. At a press briefing held at the National Press Centre, Abuja, Global Network for Cybersolution (a.k.a. Cybersolution) is rolling out ways by which the cyber criminality can be tackled, first through an aggressive media campaign. The beauty of this venture is that cybersolution as an NGO is not limited to Nigeria alone as it were, but has the totality of Africa in its focus.

In its desire to have a clean and crime free internet system operations in homes, offices and cyber cafes, it is promoting a safe and a secure cyber – platform for Africa; the NGO hopes to achieve this feat through an anti-cybercrime awareness campaign and cyber security solution capacity building among all IT stakeholders within the continent of Africa. The set up is to communicate the African cyber security perspective that protecting our critical information infrastructures will in just a few short years, become top priority and as essential to the safety and the well being of the citizenry and the economy as the physical protection of government buildings, airlines, or public gathering places.

Interestingly, the whole idea of proffering solution to the crime on the internet is not limited to just providing the needed tools at reducing the criminal acts drastically or achieving a totally crime free internet operation system in our environment. It requires more of media intervention in exposing the ill posed by internet-criminals. Tackling the challenge and re-orientating cyber criminals especially the youngsters who are prone to such acts of hacking the system for adventure and negative tendencies, is the major concern. It must be realised that the idea behind hacking is not just a thing you stumble on but calls for a serious ingenuity on the part of the perpetrators. It is for this reason that the leader of Cybersolution team, Segun Olugbile disclosed that as part of its support for the African dream to succeed in achieving viability and at the long run economic independence, the group will in the process be providing adequate training for those involved in internet fraudulence into better ventures. While recognising the importance of the press in the campaign drive, the NGO intends to also provide worthwhile training facilities by which the participants can be self-employed in news-blogging and web management. This is achievable through community partnership event and cyber personal leadership training workshop which will serve as a platform through which cybersecurity consciousness will be made manifest, and also serve as collaborative cyber-re-habilitation of young cybercrime offender towards learning on how to become self-conscious and responsible individuals in information society.

Quaintly, cybersolution in operational capacity in its campaign will among other things provide empowerment events to help African Nations to secure globally their IT systems and infrastructures connectivity with the Global information system Infrastructures.

The thought line as explained by Barrister Olumide Olujinmini, a member of the team to get all hands on deck in achieving this is aimed at enlisting the interest and participation of African IT gurus in the likes of Philip Emeagwali, Gbenga Sesan and a host of others. The idea is to help develop a sustainable internet framework that will promote safe and security in operations. And to further help locate the internet fraudsters and disabuse their mindset.

The organisation is working to promote three core African cyber agenda: anti cyber crime agenda, anti cyber piracy agenda and anti cyber security agenda. And with a very strong mission to deliver cyber security technology empowerment via mobilisation of indigenous African IT professionals and experts in diasporas, necessary to provide a safe and secure cyber space for the Nations of Africa, for African enterprises, and government institutions. Considering the current situation, cybersolution has in its view a current destination of having to produce by year 2015 a generation of globally certified African cybersecurity professionals via its Centre for Africa Cybersecurity Research and Development (CACRD).

Other programmes of Cybersolution include the desire to give highest priority to any African country and state or sector with the highest number of cyber crime and vulnerability. Presently, Nigeria is in the priority list of the cyber crimes Nations. However, the benefits accrual from all these efforts to Africa and the global economy are immense as expressed by the team, especially in promoting and protecting the safety of African and global information system, a current global economy platform for international trade and commerce.

Events designed by Cybersolution would invariably make Nigerian general IT users valuable to the cybersocio-economic prosperity of their respective communities. Further more, the parents and the youths are targeted through initiating programmes that will help educate Nigerian parents towards creating responsible cyber personality and cyber-character consciousness in the lives of the youths.

It is very important at this point to realise that cybersolution has mapped out realisable and achievable strategies to meet the financial obligations needed for this project. Among others are engaging in the business of cybersecurity events, to offer cybersecurity advisory solution to government and enterprises, partnering with National and International agencies, offering independent IT security assurance services, provision of cybersecurity solution training in partnership with global vendors, carrying out independent IT security analysis and research on behalf of government/client/vendor and any other business engagement in cybersecurity issues and the related activity.

Cybersolution as an NGO is established by a team of young and African professional leaders whose profiles cut across IT, business, legal, engineering, and faith based group, finance and management. During the press briefing, the NGO through other members of the team Mr. Gbenga Ogunniyi, Engr. Emmanuel Nwokolo, Barrister John Ogbu Moses and Miss Glory Okon reiterated among other things the desire to work in collaboration with the government and the government agencies saddled with the responsibility of providing security for the citizenry. One particular organisation that came to the fore severally is the EFFCC which appeared to be one body the NGO will have to regularly relate to considering the sensitivity and security involvement of their activities.

*Segun Imohiosen
National Press Centre, Abuja
[email protected]


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