A new corporate image campaign that is expected to introduce Mainstreet Bank Limited to the banking public has been launched in major media channels across Nigeria.

The campaign, tagged ‘It’s a New Day’ is intended to creep into the consciousness of the public with the promise of a new and better beginning to the bank’s existing and prospective customers.

According to the bank, the creative work is a product of months of intensive creative engagement between the bank’s new management team and its communications consultants, ‘It’s a New Day’ is Mainstreet Bank’s ultimate pledge to the customer, a commitment to a more mutually beneficial relationship.

Drawing from the experience of recent developments in the industry, the campaign treads a cautious path, promising a positive change to all stakeholders.

“We want all our customers and other stakeholders to understand that we have a new and better beginning at Mainstreet Bank”, explained Faith Tuedor-Matthews, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the bank.

According to her, Mainstreet Bank is a gifted, ambitious child of a troubled mother who has overcome the difficulties of childhood and is now stepping into the sunshine of a new day.

“We have laid the foundation for success. We are re-reengineering the bank, retooling our processes, plugging leakages and retraining our staff and giving them a psychological preparation for the challenges of the market place.

“Mainstreet Bank is intensely focused on surpassing the expectations of our customers. And there is a strong thirst for excellence among us that can only lead to greatness”, the Group Managing Director further reiterated.

She also expressed the hope that based on the fundamental changes that were being effected in the structure; it would not be long before the bank returns to profit.

The campaign theme also drew heavily from the reassuring presence of a crust of experienced bankers who make up the Board and management team of the bank and the strategic hiring of key professionals to man various sensitive functions. This is expected to shore up the confidence of all stakeholders in the bank.

The ‘New Day campaign’ is timed to chime in with the Yuletide season and its strong message of rebirth and hope, which is in tune with the campaign theme.

The campaign is broken into two phases; the introduction and the sustenance. The first phase of the campaign depicts with telling images, the transition of the institution from the defunct Afribank to Mainstreet Bank with a promise of a new and brighter beginning.

The T-Shirt Swapping concept, which the bank is deploying in the press and outdoor, tells a memorable story of transiting from one state of being to another in a most convincing way. The visual impact of the concept is so strong that the copy could almost stand without a body text.

The radio concept comes up very strong as well with a heavy reliance on melody which also ties in with the prevailing mood of the season. There’s also a subtle reminder of the Biblical three Wise Men who were looking for a direction to Bethlehem in search of Jesus in the jingle which opens with a line that tells customers that if they are looking for a direction to financial peace of mind, Mainstreet Bank would take them there.

Phase two on the other hand deepens and enhances the introductory message in a tone that will sustain the attention of the target market on the brand over a longer period of time.


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