Sure, social media platforms make it easy to dive in and just start talking and that’s one of it’s biggest benefits. It’s also a potential downside. How many times have you seen somebody in over their head in a social media conversation? They get a flood of questions they aren’t ready to answer or their first message is badly stated and their own customers flame them for it? A little advance preparation will make the focus of the conversation the message instead of the delivery.
Think about your messaging
I’m not saying you should be scripted, just make sure everybody who is participating in your social media plan has a crystal clear concept of what the messaging should be. What voice do you want to portray? Analytical? Light-hearted? Have you thought about how your messaging can engage other users rather than push a sale?
How are you tracking?
Have you set clear goals for your social media campaign? Long term and short term? How will you measure the results and track your performance?
Polish your tools
It’s not hard, true, but there still is a learning curve for some social media platforms. Make sure your profiles are properly filled out and you know how to use the tools. Do some small posts as an introduction before you dive into a full on campaign where small gaffes will be painfully obvious.
Really. Once you’ve done the steps above you can enjoy the experience. Just like a well prepared presentation you’ve got your tools, your confidant in your messaging and you’re ready to start the conversation.


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