“Save the Collapsing Economy of Northern Nigeria” is the caption in the newsletter of Invest In Northern Nigeria Limited. This concept has been a strong focal point of those agitating for a direction geared towards the financial emancipation of the north from the grip of poverty.

Northern Nigeria comprise of the west, east and central zones. It was formed in 1900 as a result of the 1885 treaty of Berlin that gave Britain full authority over the region. Today, the region has grown into what is called the nineteen northern states, having separate infrastructure, government and policies; yet united by the ideals of the founding fathers of the region.

This cultural history is the brain behind the current attempt at instituting a vanguard that will refocus the economic stance and redeem the region from poverty, by contributing to the revival of the economy in a private sector-led special purpose vehicle, with an overall regional social responsibility to address the economic deficit in the north, as well as combating the social challenges and inequalities, occasioned by the disparity in economic investment and infrastructural development in the region.

The term “Invest In Northern Nigeria Limited” is a platform for strong agitation to correct the stereotype that has been hinged for quite some time now. It is a group holding company incorporated to carry out the mission of overseeing the creation of other sectors to handle various levels of investments, capable of returning the past glory. The idea is to put back to work the heritage and culture of contributory participation in activities of the people and remove the dependence on government for development. The group has observed that, poverty essentially resides with the people of the region and the menace is growing by the day; leading to high level unemployment.

Whether we like it or not, the north, as a region, is a brand, with an identifiable trademark, expressed in the symbol of the northern knot, distinctive from any other in the world. This underpins the need for consistent development, so as to enable the brand attain the stage of accomplishment. The basic idea is premised on capitalising on the vast human resource potentials and tapping from the type of industrial base that was found in the region between 1958 and 1966.

If the report of the survey, which was sponsored in 1962 by the United Kingdom Department of Technical Cooperation in collaboration with the Northern Nigerian Government, is anything to go by, then, northern Nigeria has nothing to fret about, but rather an avenue to leverage upon to build a conglomerate that will benefit the people and serve as a sound ground upon which other enterprising entrepreneurs can take advantage of to invest, as a basis for Africa’s development.

The region is blessed with abundant resources capable of supporting production, manufacturing and exportation of local products. In the list of products that can be of profit in the region are; cotton, iron, hides and skin; as well as guinea corn, millet, rice, groundnuts, onions, beans, yams and sugar cane. This list unveils the opportunities that abound and the urgent need to start the exploitation. The ultimate objective and approach is to create wealth, hence the call on all to subscribe to the call by Invest In Northern Nigeria Limited so as to empower the people.


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