We live in the scientific age where information technology has changed the way and manner we do things. The world is much closer today due to information technology. A lot happens online including meetings, trainings and seminars (webinars). It is on this note that I wish to introduce some software(s) (www.gotomeeting.com/fec/).
This software(s) is for easy web conferencing, online meetings, trainings and seminars (webinars) with anyone, anywhere including Nigeria .
(a)    GoToMeeting is ideal for meetings of up to 16 attendees.
(b)   GoToWebinar is ideal for up to 100, 500, or 1,000 attendees.
(c)    GoToTraining is ideal for up to 25 or 200 attendees.
(d)   GoToMyPc, (www.gotomypc.com)this software allows you to remotely access your Computer or Mac from any other internet connected computer in the world with almost any operating system through a secure private connection.
There is a 30 day free trial for all these software(s). All you need for the above software(s) to work is a computer or a Mac, an internet connection and a headset.
These software(s) can be used for the following(s); company/board meetings, village meetings, club/association meetings, group deliberations, churches, mosques, preaching, universities/higher institutions (distance learning), sales demonstration, market presentations, company events, customer trainings, staff trainings/employee education, political campaigns, seminars, etc.
Reduces travel costs, time and security concerns, help to decongest traffic, speedy delivery of trainings, speeds sales and product development, quick meetings/seminars/trainings from the comfort of your home(s), office(s), etc.
Other Video and Web Conferencing Software is also available.
Chinedu Vincent Akuta
Web:  www.vacconceptukltd.co.uk
Tel:   + 447529845732


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