ACTION speaks louder than words, so goes the saying. This weathered maxim is what’s behind the wave of change that is washing over the professional brands consulting business. As an organization whose work force is after the progress and up to date dealings of brand to have a global standard, that is to carry members along. 

This is the rationale behind a conference titled Wealth Connect Conference 2008 being put together Mrs Lami Abayilo, a researcher at the National Institute for Cultural Orientation who is also marketing manager, Tulip Press. It takes place at the Great Room, Central Hall, Westminster in the United Kingdom, between April 14 and 15, 2008.

The conference is premised on the understanding that “Quite a number of business growth across the globe has been stunted because the operators are not actually thinking outside the box. Businesses brands are not developing because those who run them have not really acquired the necessary skill on training and development, market relations, and at the same time, conversant with the current trends in the global market.”

As event co-ordinator, Abayilo believes there is the need for a common platform where investors and captains of industries across the globe can meet, interact and deliberate on issues of common concern. This, she reitrates, will go a long way in impacting positively on their different businesses.

The essence of the two-day conference, which has its thematic focus on building sustainable growth and business operations in the borderless world, she notes, is to show participants how to build their businesses into global brands and get them acquainted with the process of creating wealth.

According to her, globalization has made it imperative for businesses and brands to think ‘outside the box’. “For a business to attract the required success, it has to key in into the current trend in the global market,” she argued.

The conference is envisaged to be an assemblage of notable men in the business world, with the primary aim of enhancing their return on investment. The target audience, according to her, include chief executives of banks, multinationals, insurance companies, and key management staff of reputable organizations across the globe, adding that their roles are vital “because once they understand the dynamics of the global market, it is easy for them to transfer that learning experience to their different organizations.”

* Source: The Guardian Newspapers


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