AS part of efforts at making Afromedia a better brand, the company recently unveiled a new logo in its bid to maintain its leadership position in the advertising industry. Only recently, the company celebrated its 50th birthday in grand style.
The Managing Director Mr. Akin Olopade, while introducing the new logo to a gathering of friends, clients and staff said, “the company is serious about this new drive as reflected in the elements of the new logo, the icons and the company’s colours”.
According to him the new logo, is inspired and by the modern trend of corporate identity, as it is simple, vibrant and easy to apply. 
The logo icon represents A the first letter of the company’s name, Afromedia, and it has been represented creatively using the company’s colours.
With its plan to continue to take the lead and be more visible in the industry is reflected in the typeface “Bodoni MT Black” used for the logo, which completes the logo text to improve the visibility potential of the brand.
The Afromedia boss said, the simplicity of the logo, which is borne out of a strict adherence to the company’s brand values, was the most important consideration for the design. With the colour black, he said, the company was ready to impress it that it is strong enough to weather the storm, ready to keep at it and keep visible in the face of the competition.
Olopade maintained that Afromedia’s rebranding drive is meant to tell the world that though it is a company that has age and experience on its side, the orange colour meant that it was still an organisation with refreshing ideas, and bold to take new challenges, and energetic to carry on clients’ burdens through thick and thin in order for clients to get the best and their money’s worth.
He introduced the new concept to the gathering in these words, “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Afromedia Plc is rebranding for the future. The rebranding has become necessary as we position for the next decade.
“The rebranding of Afromedia is not just about a logo change but more about combining our winning attitudes of yesteryears with the required ones for today. It is about changing culture and positioning the company to be a lot more competitive as she continues to lead the industry.
“The rebranding intends to announce our rejuvenated dominance of the outdoor landscape not only in Nigeria but across Africa. The new logo is an announcement that Afromedia Plc is poised to lead the way for another 50years. We are taking leadership and setting the pace for digital revolution in the advertising and outdoor industry. 
The entire event tonight is a demonstration of how technology can be applied to transform brands through innovative out-of-home solutions for products and services”.
He noted that any company that survived 50 years in Nigeria, especially with the various challenges constantly Nigeria faces as a nation is indeed an extraordinary company.
According to him, the last 50 years in the life of the company had been years of ups and downs and the saying that good things don’t come easy typified what have turned out to be their struggles and successes.
“It has been a long winding road filled with thorns and no doubt exasperating challenges. But to the glory of God, the storm came, we were not blown away; the rain fell in torrents, we were not washed away; the sun scorched but we were not consumed. Today, we have a story! A story, which captures the resilience spirit of a people; one bonded by a common goal: One destined to triumph!”
Olopade also said, “As a forerunner in the advertising and outdoor industry, our resolve is to discover new talents, stimulate healthy competition amongst practitioners and bring out the best of our people until we become the reference point in the global arena.
“Tonight marks a turning point in the life of our company. Without any gainsaying, tonight, you are about to witness a transition from what used to be an everyday company to a reinvigorated Afromedia, one that would be stronger than ever; built to survive the changes and evolutions that would mark the digital era around the world. To put it simply, tonight, the stars will shine.
“We are absolutely committed to delivering on our promises of positively affecting lives. To drive this commitment, we are partnering with some government agencies to fast-track the implementation of sound policies to promote the development of green energy projects in Nigeria. The objective being to arrest the danger and threats posed by climate change in the country”.
Afromedia is the first outdoor advertising company to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). It is the company with the highest capitalisation and asset base in the advertising industry in Nigeria.
Source: The Guardian


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