It is a universal testament that the media apart from being a pace setter is also a society mirror. Therefore those who are involved in the business are supposed not only to be knowledgeable and imbued with strong character, they must also posses the fear of God and allow it to be their guiding principle at all times including their workplace.

It is therefore a sine-qua-non that a media practitioner who is not God fearing in the discharge of his or her duties, is not only unfit for the responsibilities bestowed upon such person, but also a misfit and worthless individual. For instance, it is professionally criminal for a media practitioner to get involved in news doctoring” because somebody from the “top” has decided to tilt a situation to his favour or because of the general albeit wrongly assumed stereotype that he who pays the piper dictates the tune on a public medium. All these position are wrong and modern principles of media practice cannot sustain it. 

The society is growing daily by leaps and bounds and there is no traditional and outdated principle capable of slowing down the pace of development more so modern technology has opened up everywhere. It is an aphorism that “truth is sacred which means that ability to say the truth is a universal phenomenon. What makes up the truth could be attestable on any part of the globe and it is constant.

Apparently also, it is much easier for a media practitioner to tell the truth because of its ever- ready constancy. It is my appeal to my colleagues in 2008 to strengthen themselves and run away from being used for the dirty jobs. They should realize that only God guarantee tenure of appointments. My experience as a top journalist and manager as well as my involvement in image tendering of top government executives have made me to realize that top government executives love journalists who are brave and straight forward.

It is those who are strong and truthful in the profession that will endure. The lily-livered cannot enter the “kingdom” of the noblemen of the profession. One can prove this with empirical accuracy. 2008 is the year of the tribunal, where democracy will either triumph or otherwise and media practitioner should not because of the dirty lucre sell their professional birthright. Those of us who are image managers of critical personalities in government should know at the back of our minds that nothing lasts forever.

Some of us have been there before and still moving up while some have “perished professionally” To those in the newsroom at whatever level, please remember there is God, who is omnipresent , omnipotent and omniscience. God save Nigeria.

Biodun Akin-Fasae
Former Chief Press Secretary in Ekiti State and now 
AC Chairmanship Candidate in Ikole Local Government, Ekiti State.


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