Lets pretend for the sake of this post that you've just wrote a long informative blog post, it's one of your greatest ever and you know people are just going to eat it up. You put it up on your blog but now what? yes you could call your mom at work and your cousins that you haven't seen in years and get them to read it or you could use my list of "10 Things to do After You Make a Blog Post " and get the readers that you deserve.

Pre Posting
Before publishing your post there are two things you need to do to ensure that your post is the best it can be. First off read over the whole thing, are there any grammar or spelling errors? Can you word things better? Can you make it better overall? Are you missing anything important? And most importantly Can make it easier for your readers to understand? After you've asked yourself all of these questions and it's passed the test it's time to make sure your post is keyword rich.

Go through the article one more time and see if there is any way you can word things slightly differently to put in a few more keywords. It's very important that you try putting your keyword(s) in the title of your post, search engines favor keywords that are bolder and/or bigger than others on your blog. Whatever you do DO NOT become a keyword stuffer, you can banned from search engines if you use too many keywords in a post, it has to be a lot to be considered "stuffing" but just be carful. Google considers 2 or 3% of the same keywords to be "stuffing" and Yahoo and Bing considers it to be around 5%.

So now you have your published post on your blog and its just waiting for people to be amazed by it, which brings me to…

10 Things To Do After A Blog Post

1. Ping Your Blog
Pinging your blog lets a bunch of blog directories and similar sites know that you have updated your blog, it's a great thing to do after a blog post, and it's also great because it saves you a lot of time submitting it yourself. I use Ping-0-Matic, which is great, it sends your blog to 27 different sites/directories, theres also Pingler which sends it to 91 but there are a lot of sites that are the same but for a different country (ex. blogsearch.google.ca which is for canada).

2. Let Your Email Subscribers Know
If your using Feedburner than this is already done for you, but if your using something likeAweber or Contact than you should message your subscribers and let them know that you've just made a post, give a brief overview of what it's about and make sure to include a few links to your blog.

3. Make It Your Email Signature
A lot of different emailing systems like Hotmail let you put a link in your email signature, so every time you make a blog post put the title of your post and a link to your blog or the blog post itself in your signature, that way everyone you email will get the chance to see your new post every day/week or however often you post.

4. Add It To Social Bookmarking Sites
If you don't already have an account to a bunch of social bookmark sites I suggest you get on that ASAP. Social Bookmarking Sites are online communities where you can submit your recent (or not so recent) blog posts, articles or website updates. The great thing about these sites is that other people browse around and rate your work, which is good for search engine rankings and getting more people in the community to view your posts. Try these out for starters if your not already a part of them.

5. Tell Other Bloggers
If you truly feel like your post is something unique and something that will either help people or benefit them in one way or another (which is what every post should be like) I suggest contacting some other blogs that have the same or similar niche than you. Tell them about your new blog post, give a brief summary and make sure to be polite and personal, no spamming allowed! This can benefit you in a few ways, 1) they may link to your new post 2) they may want you to guest post on their blog and 3) if nothing comes from it at least they'll read your blog post and hear what you have to say, which is what this post is all about.


6. Make A Tweet
Twitter can be a great source of traffic, this one is very simple always always always post a tweet after to your blog with the title and URL of your new post. Some people also tweet their post multiple times with different titles to get as many people as possible to view it, mainly because there's never a point where all your followers are going to be online.

7. Post It On A Forum
Again, if you think your post is one of your best and people will honestly love it than you should make a post on a forum in your niche with a description of the post and obviously a link to it. You could also make it your signature.

8. Build Links To It
Just like building links to your homepage you can build links to your new blog post for SEO results, not a lot of people do this but the smart ones do. Obviously it's going to be hard to do this for all of your posts but if you do this to your best and most received ones it can do wonders. Check out myTop Ten Link Building Strategies for some ways to build links.

9. Make A Facebook Update
If you have a Facebook Group for your blog you should update your followers everytime you make a post. You can send out mass messages so it makes it easy to let them know and it can get you a lot of readers if you have a dedicated group of followers.

10. Shout It Out From The Rooftops
Not literally, unless you really want to then by all means go for it, some people might be intrigued to read the crazy man shouting from the roof's blog. What I'm really trying to get at is that there are plenty of ways to promote your blog and blog posts outside of the internet. The best kind of marketing is be "word of mouth" ,which I would imagine is hard to buy and it can happen on the internet and outside the internet. Tell everyone you know about your blog or newest blog post, trust me word can get around pretty fast and if you have the right answers for your audience it will get around even faster.

So now I'm off to take my own list into action because I just made a blog post and I need some people to read it. Hope these help you out, comment and let me know what works best for you and if I left anything out that you think should be mentioned.

From: FBI  www.findblogideas.com



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