Now don’t get me wrong this will not happen overnight or even at all but you have to put into consideration as to how powerful social media is growing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been on a steady explosive growth since they launched and there are no signs of stopping. I personally think that social media marketing will just increasingly grow and morph as the new search, but for purpose of this article, here are some arguments as to how powerful social media marketing truly is and how it could over run search as we know it.
No Manipulation: Social media cannot be manipulated like search results can. You either communicate or you don’t.
Less Spam: Search results have a tremendous amount of spam that you usually have to open before you find out it is. Social media spam is at a much lesser amount, for now anyway!
Big Brands Using It: Every major big brand has adopted social media as a part of their marketing plan which is only going to grow stronger over time.
Nose End: Even though search is still very young social media is even younger. With the power that social media has built up since its initial rise who knows it might surpass search marketing over time.
More Options: With social media you have many different options on how to reach out to someone and communicate. Search only gives you two, organic and PPC.
Real Time: Social media is happening now. No publishing an article and waiting 2 months for someone to find it. Social media gives you instant interaction with your audience.
Human Factor: You know that with social media you have the ability to communicate with a human immediately. With search you communicate with a link and to some people that human factor has its weight in gold.
Search Ability: Many of the social network platforms are starting to have the ability to really be able to search right on their platform for a variety of different reasons. Some even pulling in direct search results right through their social networking platform.
Less Expensive (In some cases): When you start to compare certain pay per click costs to market a website in the search space it can get really expensive. With social media all you really need is time spent communicating online.
Brand Building: The social media space really allows you to build your brand online by showing your audience you have a personality and knowledge not just a web page of content.
Whether this actually happens is another story. Social media marketing is clearly making its place in the web marketing world and it is going to have an even much larger impact on the way businesses market themselves online. What do you think? Do you think social media marketing will eventually replace search engine marketing or will it be the new search?



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