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Obasanjo’s darts, our cant

My initial reaction, upon reading the reasons offered by former President Olusegun Obasanjo for his sparse reading of Nigerian newspapers was that he had relapsed into his famous or infamous out-of-power disdain and invectives against the Nigerian newspaper press. At a recent award ceremony by the Ogun State government in Abeokuta , Obasanjo had resuscitated […]

Issues in National Image: For Now, Applause

So long successive governments in Nigeria have grappled with the National image project in so many ways to no avail. Babangida engaged in a cacophony of “Image Laundering” overseas to no avail. In fact since the word “Image Laundering” connoted and still connotes grandiose conferment of some credibility on some discreditable issue, Nigeria’s Image instead […]

Strategic Marketing: ‘Success Factor for eBusiness’

Let me be very clear: there is a LOT of legitimate money to be made on the Internet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is huge potential to make money on the Internet. However, very few people succeed in realizing what needs to be done to make it.  Every day there […]

Towards Efficient Information and Communication Management

The theme of the conference of National Council on Information and Communication is “Information and Communication Management to Foster Service and Democracy”. The inherent wisdom of this theme derives from the fact that our world today is ICT- knowledge driven, and for Nigeria to remain relevant and indeed maintain its position among the comity of […]

The Media: Responsibilities In The Emerging Order

Let me begin by saying how extremely honoured and delighted I am to be privileged to host media practitioners from all over Nigeria who are here to recognize excellent performances.  On behalf of myself, the Government and people of Osun State, I wish to welcome, once again, participants at the biggest media excellence event in […]

3G and Nigeria Brands

Mobile Marketing is used to describe marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile Phone. Mobile allows brands that have relied on traditional channels to create a more direct, sustained relationship with consumers. Mobile Marketing is yet to gain its foothold in Nigeria but with the upcoming 3G networks, this will allow […]

Political Communication and Campaign Advertorials

Political Communication, precisely Political Advertising in print media presentation of campaign adverts is the obvious subject matter of Animus and Apologia. This publication – edited by duo of Isaac Olawale Albert and Derrick Marco, with full title: Animus and Apologia: Campaign Advertorials and the Gamble for Power in the 2003 and 2007 Elections in Nigeria […]