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Media and culture in Nigeria’s sustainable development: The NICO initiative

There is no gainsaying the fact that the culture sector occupies the backroom in our national affairs. People are wont to see everything relating to culture as being fetish, at best only good for never-do-wells. For us to effectively harness our culture for national development, there is need for the media to partner with key […]

Nigeria’s Image:Blood, oil and the banality of greed

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: On March 15, 2010, MEND, the best known of the insurgent groups in the Niger Delta, detonated two car bombs at an Amnesty conference. There was a third bomb, which was not detonated because as MEND said in its press release, it "would have resulted in great loss of lives". Their aim […]

Access Bank Reviews CSR Strategy

Access Bank reviews CSR strategy By Tosin Fodeke   ACCESS Bank Plc has reviewed its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and had equally commenced the implementation of policies and procedures that align business growth with good corporate citizenship.   According to the banks’ Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2008 recently released in Lagos, CSR in […]

Dangogo’s Praxis

Philosophers define praxis as the theorization of practice and the practicalisation of theory. Exactly that is what Kabir Dangogo has done in his book, Beyond The Banking Hall. Dangogo in the 245-page book with the first 17 pages being for the credits, brought out how the theories or principles of public relations were turned into […]

Re: Before We Crucify Etteh

NOTE: Just wonder the timeliness of the publication of the piece on the above  by the spokesperson to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Patricia Etteh. What other strategies could have been more effective going by the disclosure of her SA-Madia and the stories in the media? Moderator There is no doubting the brilliance […]

Re: PR People as Errand Boys

I write to commend you on your article in THIDAY of 27 August 2007, titled “PR People as Errand Boys”. From a cursory glance, one is likely to dismiss the write up as another one of those articles designed to dent the image of the PR profession and its practitioners. But a detailed reading reveals […]

Re: That Human Right Report on Nigeria

Thank you for forwarding to me the comments of Hon Minister of Information & Communications on the Human Rights Watch report on Nigeria. Here are my comments: i) Both the Minister and HRW have valid comments that should not be treated with disdain and ignominy. ii) It is true that the political system in Nigeria […]

RE: Open Letter to Hon. Minister

Reactions of PRNigeria forumites. Dear Shuaib, Your letter, professional road map is very clear and in line with our framework. We have engaged stakeholders since we resumed to share ideas. We have equally appraised our current policy thrust as a ministry and examined the challenges. We are confident that the framework which we have prepared […]

Understanding Afolabi’s four new Ps of marketing mix

ESSENTIALS in Marketing Management Practice, by Kola Afolabi has four sections, each containing two chapters. Section One focuses on “Professional Selling Skills.” Section two deals with “Practical Sales Management.” Section three addresses “Product (Brand) Management” while Section four takes care of “Strategic Marketing Management.” Written by an insider, who blended theory with professional practice, the […]

PR People as Errand Boys

Public relations as a word which, was first coined by one-time United States President, Thomas Jefferson when he used the term during his address to the Congress in 1807, has metamorphosed over the years to become a profession, which interestingly everyone wants to associate with, although, its so-called professionals are mostly not respected by either […]