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Crisis management: Lessons from the Chilean mine rescue

Stark contrasts between actions there and the responses to Katrina and the BP disaster Now that the last of the miners has been lifted to safety, we—and they—can take a deep breath and look back on the lessons of 68 days. The Chilean government showed not only leadership, but remarkable communication savvy throughout the ordeal. […]

Could Social Media Replace Search?

Could Social Media Replace Search?

  Now don’t get me wrong this will not happen overnight or even at all but you have to put into consideration as to how powerful social media is growing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been on a steady explosive growth since they launched and there are no signs of stopping. I personally think […]

From solitary to social: Becoming a new communicator

Technology’s evolution and a culture shift have spurred a metamorphosis among communications pros. Over the last few years, a common theme has emerged when talking about the future of the communications profession: a shift from creating communication to enabling it. That doesn’t mean that what I’ve spent years learning and practicing is worthless. To me, […]

No Real Social Media Plan? Try Starting With This.

Coming up with a social media plan isn't always the easiest thing to do for businesses. There are so many factors that come into play, even beyond the landscape of communities that actually exist. For example, business leaders need to ask questions like: How much time should be spent interacting with social media sites? How […]

Using Social Media As A PR Tool For Your Business

If  you want to promote your product, brand or business you need to branch out from just using traditional public realtions tools such as press releases. In the session “Search, PR, and the Social Butterfly” the focus  was how to use social media along with traditional PR tools. Lisa Buyer, President & CEO of The […]

What’s The Point Of Journalism School, Anyway?

If there's one thing a journalism school expects of its students, it is the ability to pose a tough question. Orion de Nevers, a freshman at the University of Southern California, serves up this one: Why would anyone major in journalism at all? "Information will just all be basically free, so there's no money to […]

In defense of social media consultants

It’s not easy being a social media consultant these days.  Between the bashing of some social media “experts” and the viral what the **** is my social media strategy blog, you’d think that every social media “guru” is a quack.  I thought it was about time to clear the air and stick up for my […]

The four Cs of message development: Cost, Complexity, Control and Credibility

We’ve all heard the mantra that organizational messaging must be consistent across all stakeholders — that it solidifies branding, builds trust with customers and employees, communicates the value of products and services and so on. Got it. Understood. Now throw globalization into the mix. Whether you embrace or detest it, globalization has increased complexity for […]

Selecting Online Influencers? Here’s 10 Things to Consider…

This post is the second of three looking at online influencers. The first listed some great free tools that help identify influential people, however this post is the next step – 10 things to consider when selecting online influencers. For reference, the third will  look at the engagement process. I will start by saying that […]

Digital Hotlist 2010: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare bring the heat

Digital Hotlist 2010: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare bring the heat

1. FACEBOOK Think back five years. If they had made a feature film then about a hot social networking site, it would have been MySpace. Instead, it's the founding story of Facebook that's dramatized—some say made up—in David Fincher's The Social Network. The movie's success—it led the box office with $23 million on its opening […]