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Blunder of Presidential Spokesperson to Jonathan

One may not know if he should be referred to as Acting Spokesperson to Acting President when he made spurious allegations without concrete evidence to justify his combatant and confrontational approach to a media report. Ima Niboro is Senior Special Assistant to Acting President Goodluck Jonathan. His first full press statement is not about the […]

RE: Online Propaganda and Social Media

Dear Yushau, I enjoyed reading your article on social media that appeared in some newspapers and on the internet. But I am not comfortable with your characterisation of propaganda as "a public relations tool." As you very well know, public relations is a two-way communication process that frowns at the reckless deployment of unverifiable or […]

Online Propaganda and Social Media

Online Propaganda and Social Media

The battle ground has shifted. In an advanced society conflict is no longer resolved through the use of bows and arrows. This crude method of conflict resolution can only be found in archaic societies, for instance the Jos crisis in Northern Nigeria where victims were cut to death with machetes. Wars have also gone beyond […]

Yar’Adua and dilemma of a gatekeeper

THE brief interview President Umaru Yar‘Adua granted the British Broadcasting Corporation is metaphoric. Just as the President struggled to speak during the interview, his listeners struggled to understand what he was saying. The voice was weak and petered out like droplets of water running into a tiny hole.   The nation Yar‘Adua claims to be […]