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NIPR: Growth Amidst Laxity

Raheem Akingbolu, Few months from now, Professor Ike Nwosu’s tenure as the President and Chairman, Gover-ning Board of the National Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) would end. As some fellows of the institute begin subtle move to succeed him, Raheem Akingbolu writes on the challenges facing the institute and factors that would determine who replaces […]

Will PR People Get Seats in Corporate Nigeria?

By Ayokunle Every now and then I think of public relations, I ask myself with utmost dismay if indeed practitioners of the profession in Nigeria will increasingly get a seat at the top management – the height of any organization – in years to come. It is no more news that the public relations […]

7 Common Mistakes of Email Marketing

Published December 3, 2008 by Jeff Selin With the holiday season here, email has been on my mind. And many folks just starting out ask about pitfalls to avoid for their email marketing and communications campaigns. So here we go: seven surefire ways you’ll be emailing directly to a trashcan or spam filter. These are […]

Choppe Syndrome In Nigerian Journalism

By Kabiru So much has been said about corruption in Nigeria in recent times that the issue is now becoming over-talked about. No matter what, the issue, due to its importance, will never stop arousing debates whenever it is raised. Recently, a well respected journalist and former editor of Citizen Magazine, Hajiya Bilkisu Yusuf, […]

Going Brrrrrrh on the Creative Side of Advertising

By Adewale Ajani Advertising in plain terms is “the public promotion of a product, service, business, or event in order to attract or increase interest in it.” It is an essential trade tool required to create awareness, solicit acceptability and/or increase sales of a product or service, thereby reinforcing the “brand.” As a result, advertisements […]

Up north, monitoring advertising takes firm root

By Kabir Alabi Garba WITH its headquarters in Lagos, the mandate of promoting responsible and ethical advertising practice across the length and breadth of the country may not be an easy task for the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). But in the spirit of ‘using what you have to get what you want’, the […]

Developing Human Resources for Effective Information Management

By Oluremi Oyo It is a reality of life in the 21st century that information, communication and the ability to manage both effectively have become very precious national resources. Indeed, some scholars have gone as far as listing information and communications as modern day factors of production, in addition to land, labour, capital and the […]

Reps and The Business Community

By: Kayode Odunaro The business world is the front driver of any economy. Ordinarily, it is the terrain of the private sector with government playing mostly regulatory roles in developed economy. In an economy such as ours in Nigerian, the public sector often play a significant role until recent privatization and commercialization of major government […]

Branding redefined at advertisers’ meet

“ADVERTISING practitioners have, largely misunderstood branding as a concept.”  This is the position of Mr. Lolu Akinwunmi, President Of The Association Of Advertising Agencies Of Nigeria (AAAN), in his speech at the AAAN Business Seminar held last week in Lagos. “I think a reasonable place to start today is with the definition of our main […]

Vision 2020 and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations

By Ndubueze Okeke Recently, precisely on April 21, 2008, the Federal Government constituted a National Council and National Steering Committee on Nigeria’s Vision 2020. Going by the objectives of these Committees which I believe is to chart a roadmap that will ensure that the country is not left out in her quest to become one […]